Are lenders missing out by not developing relationships with their customers?


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Are lenders missing out by not developing relationships with their customers?

The mortgage market has been  slow to adopt some of the practices that other ‘customer-centric’ organisations routinely use to develop customer relationships and improve both retention and engagement levels.

In a changing and increasingly competitive market, lenders and intermediaries alike stand to gain by adopting approaches that will improve loyalty, increase retention and, in turn, deliver competitive advantage .

There are two big opportunities for lenders and brokers:

Improve application and on-boarding experience and processes – these are critical in determining customers perceptions of both brokers and lenders and their likelihood of subsequently returning or remaining;

Develop communication strategies that will improve and enhance customer perception and ultimately retention.

The broker and lender experience the customer has arranging their mortgage is a critical determinant of whether or not they will return to that broker or lender for a subsequent mortgage .

These processes are seen by customers as ‘clunky’ and un-customer friendly. The opportunity then is to improve the  customer journey to receive payback in terms of improved retention levels. Read more

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Merry Christmas from Inaccord

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Death of a Salesman?

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Why the Sandwich Generation Should Save for the Future



Changing economic, demographic and even social trends will mean that individuals and families will need to increasingly adopt savings habits in order to cope with the changing demands that will be placed on them. Whether it be from the point of view of people living longer and having children later or from the pressures on the Government purse in terms of pensions provision and healthcare, savings will be an increasing necessity for everyone – and a big opportunity for financial services providers to tap into this need.

Only 20 or 30 years ago, life expectancy was much lower than it is today, full employment (or at least a ‘jobs for life’ culture) meant that people were more certain of being able to work until retirement. State pension benefits were more adequate in supporting people in their retirement.

Higher rates of inflation and even higher rates of house price inflation meant that housing costs were more affordable and the ‘nest egg’ that built up in terms of the value of your home (and the ability to borrow against its value) meant that for many the family home was not only a source of borrowing but also a means to boost pension income. Read more

Great Customer Experience – Deliberate by Design

Great customer service doesn’t just happen. Organisations that provide their great customer service do so by design. Everything they do is deliberate. In this way they deliver excellent customer experience – consistently and repeatedly. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be impersonal or bland – probably the opposite. It just means that the process it designed to create the right customer experience and outcomes every time. It’s deliberate by design. Read more

Dynamic Underwriting and Segmented Customer Engagement – The Future For Managing Credit Risk?

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One simple truth about all your customers

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New Inaccord Associate – Simon Hayhurst

Inaccord is pleased to announce another new Associate – Simon Hayhurst.

A graduate of Aston Business School, Simon has over 20 years’ consultancy experience in financial services at a senior level. This experience includes 10 years working at marketing communications agencies on client marketing strategies

He specialises in proposition development and customer journey enhancement – particularly in the field of Financial Services. Across his career he has worked with brands of the stature of Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays Group, Visa, RBS Group, AEGON and Diners Club International.

We welcome Simon to Inaccord. Read more

New Inaccord Associates – Charles Hughes & Pete Colley

Inaccord is pleased to announce two new Associates.

Charles Hughes has many years’ experience in business prior to his move to management consulting, where he is experienced in working in both the private and public sectors. He has strong analytical and creative skills coupled with first-rate interpersonal skills working with all levels of staff.  Charles specialises in Strategy, Technology, Programme Management. Digital Transformation and Change Management.

With a background in Finance and Procurement in the rail, retail and media sectors, Pete Colley specialises in developing information-led organisational, functional and procurement strategies that deliver sustainable commercial value and leading tactical improvement initiatives. Read more