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Inaccord High Performance Culture Questionnaire & Culture Diagnostic Workshop


Inaccord High Performance Culture Questionnaire

Inaccord has developed a unique survey based approach that provides the means for organisations and individual functions, departments and divisions within them to rate themselves in terms of the extent to which a High Performance Culture exists.

In addition, the easy to complete online survey, which contains 27 multiple-choice questions, also provides ratings, comparative scores and narrative for each of the three main elements that contribute to the development of High Performance Cultures:

• Customer Experience
• Employee Engagement
• Organisational Alignment

Respondents can complete the survey anonymously and receive comparative scores and ratings immediately. By providing their names, email address and phone numbers, they will be able to access to a more detailed report outlining key areas of focus to deliver improvements in each of the three areas critical to the creation of High Performance Cultures.

This unique approach is designed not only to provide organisations and functions with a means to benchmark and rate the extent to which a High Performance Culture already exists, but also to help them to begin to understand where they need to focus to improve – and to deliver the commercial benefits and sustained competitive advantage that will result.

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How employees hang themselves on the coat-stand by the door?

Whilst chatting to a friend over a coffee yesterday I was reminded about a story I heard several years ago, told by the poet, author and speaker David Whyte.

My friend started a new job recently and I was asking him how it was going.  He explained it was “OK”, in my experience usually an indication of something less than perfect!  There was undoubtedly a tinge of disappointment in his voice as he said it, which surprised me given how excited he’d been when he’d been offered the job.  As we continued to talk he told me that he felt the reason he’d got the job in the first place was because of the skills he had, and that they’d explicitly said that those skills could benefit them. Read more

Inaccord at Lancaster University Management School for Second Year

LUMS_location_image_1[1]Inaccord Directors Tim Hadfield and Chris Byrom presented to a group of MBA Students at Lancaster University Management School on the practicalities of influencing organisations’ change agendas and presenting and articulating change proposals to have the greatest impact and likelihood of acceptance.

This was the second year that Inaccord have been invited to Lancaster to facilitate the interactive session as part of the Management School’s MBA programme. Read more

Pay a colleague a compliment – and watch performance improve!

A joke made me smile this morning. Here’s how it went: I was getting into my car this morning and a neighbour said to me “Can you give me a lift?” I said “Sure …….you look great today, you can achieve whatever you want, Go for it!” I know, I have a silly sense of humour!

It made me think afterwards about how often we genuinely give other people, whether they’re a neighbour or a work colleague, a true lift by telling them what they’re good at or simply be complimenting them. In the UK in particular it doesn’t tend to happen very often. It’s just not the done thing. At work we usually have quite superficial conversations with all but a few of those we work with, those we’d class as ‘friends’. Read more

Getting the Right Balance for Success

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Inaccord at Lancaster University Management School

Having presented to MBA students at Lancaster University Management School earlier this year, Chris Byrom and Tim Hadfield have been asked back to present to this academic years’ MBA students School in March 2015.  They will be covering the practical aspects of delivering change in organisations including the importance of properly engaging with stakeholders, the practicalities of developing business cases that ensure buy in, key messages and articulated outputs that will mean that the change imperatives are adopted and the most effective ways to deliver ideas for change.

Inaccord at Dialogkonferansen 2014 in Sweden

On Tuesday this week, Inaccord Director Chris Byrom presented to an audience of mainly Norwegian, Swedish and Danish marketers and customer engagement specialists. The event took place over 4 days in Strömstad, Sweden and was attended by over 500 delegates.

Speakers from around the world and from organisations such as IBM, Sony, Vodafone, Deutche Telekom, Porsche, BT, Expedia and Coca Cola presented on a variety of customer engagement related topics.


Inaccord at Dialogkonferansen 2014 in Stromstad, Sweden

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Guy Maughfling – New Inaccord Associate

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