At Inaccord, we work with organisations to deliver the levels of employee engagement that are necessary for them to create a high performance culture and to benefit from the improved performance that results.

High performance cultures only exist when employees feel motivated and committed to playing their part.

People are the heart of an organisation. Their beliefs, mind-sets, attitudes, values, moral standards and behaviours dictate the organisational culture and determine how successful, or otherwise, the organisation will be.

Engagement is about passion. It’s about commitment. It’s about giving that little bit extra.

It’s also about the environment – not just the place where people work, but the atmosphere that exists, how people are managed, what’s accepted in terms of behaviour and what isn’t tolerated. It’s about leadership and how believable, or inspiring and trustworthy they are. It’s about fairness and feeling part of something, being a part of something. It’s about a sense of belonging and one of purpose. It’s about being motivated and excited, not being stressed and isolated.

Most of all, in a high performance culture, motivation is about giving employees the mandate to do their jobs, with the support and encouragement they need, within a defined operating structure that mitigates risk either to them or to the organisation. And it’s about recognising and rewarding success both in terms of achieving targets and goals and exhibiting the right behaviours.

In high performance cultures, detractors – the silent assassins who stand in the way of successful change – are recognised and the best courses of action for the individual and the organisation are identified.

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