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At Inaccord, we work with organisations to enable them to develop high performance cultures – through better employee engagement, improved customer experience and organisational alignment.

People are at the heart of high performance cultures. High performance cultures deliver extraordinary results. Culture is an organisation’s DNA – it’s about how people behave and how things get done. It’s the hardest thing for others to copy. Developing a culture where people consistently perform at their best (because they want to!) and where the right decisions are always taken for the right reasons is how organisations achieve sustained competitive advantage and deliver extraordinary results.

To deliver extraordinary results, organisations not only need to operate efficiently and effectively and have highly engaged and motivated employees, they also need to have an in-built passion for the service they provide to their customers and the experience the customer has– a passion that results in customers staying longer, buying more and becoming advocates.

The way organisations are structured, governed and aligned also impacts the culture of every organisation. High performance cultures are developed through aligning all the elements of the organisation’s way of working and operating structure (or operating environment).

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