Inaccord High Performance Culture Questionnaire & Culture Diagnostic Workshop


Inaccord High Performance Culture Questionnaire

Inaccord has developed a unique survey based approach that provides the means for organisations and individual functions, departments and divisions within them to rate themselves in terms of the extent to which a High Performance Culture exists.

In addition, the easy to complete online survey, which contains 27 multiple-choice questions, also provides ratings, comparative scores and narrative for each of the three main elements that contribute to the development of High Performance Cultures:

• Customer Experience
• Employee Engagement
• Organisational Alignment

Respondents can complete the survey anonymously and receive comparative scores and ratings immediately. By providing their names, email address and phone numbers, they will be able to access to a more detailed report outlining key areas of focus to deliver improvements in each of the three areas critical to the creation of High Performance Cultures.

This unique approach is designed not only to provide organisations and functions with a means to benchmark and rate the extent to which a High Performance Culture already exists, but also to help them to begin to understand where they need to focus to improve – and to deliver the commercial benefits and sustained competitive advantage that will result.

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Inaccord Culture Diagnostic Workshop

To help organisations and individual functions to determine what they need to do to develop a High Performance Culture we also facilitate bespoke, one day ‘Inaccord Culture Diagnostic Workshops’ for up to 12 people at which selected members of the Inaccord team work with the organisation or function to examine in more detail the findings from the questionnaire and begin to identify the changes necessary to develop a High Performance Culture.

Find Out How Inaccord Can Help You to Create a High Performance Culture

Inaccord works with organisations to create High Performance Cultures that ensure outstanding results through better engaged employees, improved customer experience and organisational alignment.

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