Inaccord launches to help organisations improve business results through increased customer engagement

Inaccord, an innovative new customer engagement consultancy launches today. It provides thought leadership and a practical, pragmatic approach for businesses who want to improve their results through better employee and customer engagement.

(Press Release) – May 16th, 2013 – Inaccord launches today to help business leaders to overcome the challenges of low consumer confidence and the continued economic downturn by delivering improved results through better engagement with their employees and customers.

From strategy development to customer service training, from process design to culture change and everything in between, Inaccord generate awareness and understanding of engagement and deliver tangible results for organisations who want to improve how they engage their customers.

Director Chris Byrom, former Head of Retention and Customer Engagement at Barclays said: “Low consumer confidence and trust in organisations combined with the effects of several years of uncertainty in the economy has left business leaders focused on cutting costs and driving sales volumes at the expense of planning for growth through more effective customer engagement.”

He added “In truth, the biggest opportunity for businesses right now is to focus more on customers, to improve customer retention and achieve differentiation by truly engaging with them. It’s also the biggest threat for organisations that are not engaging properly with customers and are seeing their customer bases ebbing away as a result.”

Inaccord describe engagement as the feeling a customer has about their relationship with an organisation, their perception of it and how they behave as a result.  The Holy Grail for organisations is customers that are more loyal i.e. they stay longer and buy more.  Engagement is therefore about more than the service an organisation provides when it delivers its products and services to customers. It’s also more than the experience the customer has or what they feel as a result of their service they receive and their broader perception of the organisation.  Customer Engagement is actually the outcome that businesses want.  And it’s that which results in improved business success.

Fellow director Tim Hadfield, former Head of Organisational Culture and Engagement at Britannia Building Society, explained “Engagement is considered by some to be ‘pink and fluffy’ and a nice to have.  Actually, engaging employees and customers is the most effective way to achieve the desired business results.  Engagement only happens when the entire organisation is aligned with business objectives.” Tim went on to say, “Great organisations have a strategy which is centred on their customers; they align their people behind it and create an operating environment which enables it to be delivered.  Unfortunately, many organisations actually constrain delivery of their strategy because they don’t align their people or their operating environment to achieve it.”

For Inaccord, employee engagement goes hand in hand with customer engagement.  “You just don’t find businesses with great customer engagement but low employee engagement”, Byrom says, “the two things are directly connected.  Inaccord’s job is to help companies achieve this alignment and as an outcome to improve their results.”

Peter Simpson, former Commercial Director at First Direct and recognised leader in the world of customer experience is working with Inaccord as an associate. Peter commented: “It’s great to be associated with Inaccord.  Quality in this space is much talked about but little in evidence and the Inaccord team has it in abundance.”

Martin Smith former MD of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and CEO of Grey Worldwide is also an Inaccord associate. He commented “Advertising tends to focus on engendering positive long-term relationships with brands. Of course, sales and new customers are important, but long-term relationships come from and continue to build brand loyalty – a valuable asset that tends to flourish in companies that focus on delivering a great customer experience time and time again. Only in this way can success become sustainable. Martin went on to add “Unfortunately, very few organisations get it right – and that’s where Inaccord comes in. Inaccord has the people, the experience, the knowledge, the approach and the passion to help organisations achieve quantifiable and sustainable success through better customer engagement.”

Based in London and the Midlands the business is owned and funded by Chris Byrom and Tim Hadfield.

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