Inaccord Partnership with Deanna Oppenheimer’s CameoWorks

cameoworksInaccord has entered into a partnership arrangement with Seattle based CameoWorks.

Cameoworks is a consumer-focused boutique advisory firm comprised solely of global executive and non-Executive leaders. CameoWorks is operated by ex-Barclays CEO Deanna Oppenheimer and her Chief Financial Officer Drew Wolff. Deanna is also a Non-Executive Director of Tesco and AXA.

Inaccord will be working closely with CameoWorks and its other complementary business partners specialising in the area of customer engagement.

deanna 2

Commenting on the tie-up with Inaccord Deanna said “We’re delighted to be working with Inaccord. Having great customer engagement is vital for any organisation if it’s to be successful – and the team at Inaccord have all the right skills and experience to make that happen.”