Organisational Alignment

At Inaccord, we work with organisations to develop the organisational alignment that is necessary for them to create a high performance culture and to benefit from the improved performance that results.

To engage employees, provide customers with an outstanding experience and create a high performance culture, organisations need to be fully aligned. Isn’t it common sense that a lack of alignment results in unintended outcomes and a negative impact on results?

We believe that relationships with customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and with society must be reflected in business strategy, that organisations must create an operating environment that supports its achievement and that employees must be engaged in a culture that enables them to deliver it. And yet, recent research indicates that 65% of organisations have an agreed strategy. It also showed that only around 14% of employees fully understand it and unsurprisingly as a result, less than 10% of organisations successfully execute their strategy.

Achieving alignment requires an understanding of what’s not aligned and then changes to those elements that are out of alignment. Once done, high performance follows.

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