Use Your Vision To Help Others To See

I found this great quote from Bill Taylor, author of Practically Radical: Not So Crazy Ways to Transform Your Company, Shake Up Your Industry and Challenge Yourself.

“If there is one principle that explains why some organizations — Apple, Southwest Airlines, USAA, Cirque du Soleil, the Marine Corps, Pixar — consistently and dramatically outperform their rivals, it is that every person in the organization, regardless of job title or function, understands what makes the organisation tick and why what the organisation does matters.”

I’d like to tack a bit on the end: “…and how what they do contributes.”, but it’s very true. 

It’s the start point surely?  How can people contribute fully if they don’t even understand these basics?

And yet in many organisations even a short chat with an employee illustrates that they’re not in place.

Are they in yours?

  • Peter Simpson

    Quite right as long as the vision is something that everyone can share, not just “make x profit” (unless it is Fairly distributed amongst the people) and Everyone Plays by the Same Set of Values. “We share the vision, but I’M Off to Play Golf” (UNLESS IT IS YOUR TURN TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TOMORROW)