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Inaccord to Partner with Limetropy

Inaccord is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Global Voice of the Customer technology provider Limetropy.

Limetropy gathers real-time customer experience insights that help organisations to measure the quality and impact of the experience they provide to customers and shape their CX propositions and delivery to optimise the benefits for customers and reap commercial success as consequence.
Limetropy’s proposition is centred on the provision of technology approaches to CX. It gathers customer feedback on their experiences, through various channels, the feedback is integrated and collated into the software which in turn provides CX performance outputs, alerts and real-time performance metrics.

Limetropy’s capabilities directly complement the approaches and enhance Inaccord’s ability to deliver tangible and sustainable business performance improvement through better CX provision and increased customer engagement.

Inaccord is focused on helping businesses to improve performance by delivering better customer experience, improving employee engagement and ensuring the necessary organisational and operational alignment exists to deliver commercial success as a result – by increasing customer engagement, improving operational efficiency, cutting costs and increasing revenues.

We work with clients to quantify the benefits, focus CX investment and shape organisational design to optimise returns – by improving efficiency, cutting costs and increasing revenues.
To improve CX, and to ensure CX investment and customer processes are focused on making positive impact for customers and for the bottom line, it is vital that organisations gain real-time insights into the experience being provided to customers.

Working in partnership with Limetropy, Inaccord can deliver these actionable, real-time customer insights that provide clients with the ability to transform their CX delivery in ways their customers have highlighted are important to them.

Delivering CX in a way determined by customers provides the platform to engage better with customers. Engaged customers are more participative, buy more, stay longer, are more likely to make recommendations and, in turn, cement better business performance.